Areas Being Assessed

Areas of Inspection for the Week of Oct. 10

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Boone County PVA Office will be inspecting properties in the following areas the week of October 10, 2016:

Lower River Road Farms
Beaver Rd
Hathaway Rd...
Big Bone and Surrounding Areas
Triple Crown County Club – St. Leger and Keeneland Greens Walton Verona Rd
Stephenson Mill Rd and Surrounding Areas
Eads Rd
Salem Creek
Violet Rd and surrounding areas

• Farms throughout Boone County
• Commercial throughout Boone County
• New construction throughout Boone County

Please do not be alarmed if you see staff members in these areas. They will be in a marked vehicle and have identification available upon request.

If you would like to receive e-mail notifications of when we will have be inspecting in your area please go to our website to enroll at

If you have any questions, please contact Cindy Arlinghaus Martin PVA @

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