Glossary of Terms

Below is a list of terms with their definitions in alphabetical order:

  1. Assessments: Assessment value history of the property

  2. Commercial: Detail of commercial property attributes

  3. Data updated on: Located in the bottom right-hand corner of the web page, this reflects the date of the last performed update to our site data.

  4. Effective Age and Remaining Life of Improvements: The effective age of the improvement is its age in comparison with other improvements of like character, considering the effect of major remodeling or incurable deficiencies which tend to lengthen or shorten its remaining economic life. The expected total life of the building is estimated by considering the type of construction, the quality of the building, and stability of rents in that location. The remaining life is then estimated by subtracting the effective age from the total life expectancy, or by the use of extended life table. Marshall & Swift, L.P.; Residential Cost Handbook 2000

  5. Email contacts: A complete listing of contact/support e-mail addresses

  6. Image: Photo of the Property

  7. Boone County Property Valuation Administrator maps: Identifies the subject property on a GIS map, with the ability to turn "on" and "off" map layers

  8. Legal: Legal Description of the property

  9. Login/Logout: Located under Site Functions to the left, it allows the user to correctly login and out of the website.

  10. LRSN: Acronym for Land Record Serial Number

  11. Online help: A complete list of online help links, including FAQs, glossary/terms, billing information, search tips, and account signups

  12. Password: Must be at least 6 characters in length; can be alphanumeric; can be changed at anytime by the end user by clicking on "Subscription" under Site Functions on the main menu to the left.

  13. Printable tab: Located under each parcel info page; by clicking "Printable Tab" and then using the print process, the result produces a cleaner printed page (without the menu and some headings)

  14. Property search: This allows the user to begin searching properties based upon different search criteria i.e. parcel ID, owner, street address.

  15. Residential: Detail of property attributes, style, construction, and condition

  16. Satellite Cities: There are 83 incorporated taxing jurisdictions comprised of about 60,000 properties within Boone County, Kentucky. These municipalities are separate cities within the larger metropolitan city limits of Louisville. These 2nd class through 6th class municipalities have their own governments with elected officials and councils. "Satellite Cities" provide many government services and expanded amenities to citizens such as dedicated police and fire services, sanitary and recycling services, and parks. Citizens that reside in a satellite city may have a separate tax bill or an additional tax rate applied to their tax bill to pay for these services. If you have any questions concerning tax rates, tax bills, amounts due, or services, please use this comprehensive list of contacts to get in touch with your city.

  17. Summary: Including ownership, legal description, square footage, number of rooms, mailing address, taxing district, assessed value and other property values

  18. Transaction date: The next monthly billable date of your monthly subscription

  19. Transfer: Base property transfer information such as document number, property ID, ownership, sales price, sales date, and validity of sale.

  20. User invoice: A listing of the past month’s charges and the next billing date; can be accessed by clicking on the "User Invoice" under Site Functions located on the main menu

  21. User ID: Unique to each subscription; must be at least 6 characters in length; can be alphanumeric; cannot be changed by the end user.

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Data last updated: 03/24/2017


Property is assessed per KRS 132.220 on January 1st of each year. The data listed on our website reflects the most current data available to the PVA office. If you believe any data provided is inaccurate, or if you have any comments about this site, we would like to hear from you.

While the Office of the Property Valuation Administrator has attempted to ensure that the data contained in this file is accurate and reflects the property’s characteristics, the PVA makes no warranties, expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or suitability of this data. The PVA does not assume any liability associated with the use or misuse of this data.